Storm Chaser

On the day we were travelling between Dongara and Perth, WA, a series of electrical storms appeared and at times appeared to surround us.  We stopped at a little roadhouse at Cataby along the way for an icecream and break in travel, and we could see the storm wreaking havoc towards Lancellin.  The clouds were dark, it was clearly raining, and we could see some bushfires that appeared to have been started by lightning.

I took several photos at this site with the Canon, and chose this one for my card series.



Some years ago our family had a Gerbera Flower Farm – but I have always had an interest in gardening and flowers, and so now I take photos of flowers.  Recently I was in Western Australia, staying with my friend Bev in Dongara, and these photos are from her garden which was seriously ravaged by the high temperatures and lack of rain, while she was off working as a nurse in a hospital south of Perth.

Famous Leaning Trees of the West

Between Dongara and Geraldton in Western Austalia the trees have succumbed to the amazing winds that are a feature of this area, and seem to grow horizonally along the ground.

This one, on the highway, has an area where people can safely stop off the highway to take photos.  I printed the above photo for my cards, but show below the others I took at this place.

HMAS Sydney Memorial Geraldton

I was fortunate to be taken on a day trip to Geraldton which is north of Perth, and just 65 kms north of where I was staying at Dongara.  High on a hill overlooking the town, and the port of Geraldton is the memorial to the warship HMAS Sydney which was lost during World War II.  The wreck was found some distance from Geraldton in 2008, and recently a memorial was created on the hill.

The dome is created from metal seagulls – one for each of the people who perished on the ship.   I chose this photo from a collection of around 15 taken on that day to use on my cards.

About my photos

I love taking photographs, and luckily I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, and enjoy recording my adventures with my camera.  I actually carry two cameras.  One, which I carry with me at all times is a little Samsung digital – PL120.  It is a neat little lightweight unit that doesn’t weigh my handbag down very much – and I always have it charged and ready to fire.  One of the benefits of this particular camera is that I can take a photo from either side – so if I want to take a photo of me at some event, with careful positioning, I can put myself in the photo.

I remember being on the Great Wall of China, and having no one to take my photo to prove I was there.  Actually I found a Chinese man who was happy to do it for me, but now, I am in control myself!

I also use a Canon SLR EOS 1100D with a super lens – Tamron 18 – 270 mm.  This I like to use with a tripod, and I have a remote to use with it.  Sadly it does not fit neatly into my handbag – but I certainly carry it (in my backpack) when I expect to find good photographic opportunities.

I take many, many photographs, and these days I often print them and put them on cards – white cards, and white envelopes which I purchase at paper shops.  That way I really can personalise my own cards – and it works out cheaper than buying cards.

I use them for birthdays, thank yous, congratulations etc.

I do put my name and the place where the photo was taken on the back – but here I will tell the story of the photo.  Enjoy.